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About Shanna Kramer

Small history about myself, I worked most of my adult life managing an Internet Sales Department for a car dealership here in DFW. Talking on the phone was my job and making connections, finding rapport with the customers. My husband Jason, we met in 2008 while both working at the dealership, became a realtor in 2018 and was having success so we decided that the end of 2019 would be my last day at the dealership and I would join him in real estate. January 6th I started my classes with Champions School of Real Estate. I ended up completing the program and getting my license at the end of February. Crazy enough, a few weeks later we all know what happened - Covid came! I was lucky to have been able to get through schooling and testing and fingerprints etc all a few weeks before covid came.

Jason and I use Zillow to get our leads and we've met several great clients through them. I closed on my first house in May of that year and ended up selling 10 my first year, and have grown every year since.


My strong suit is following up with customers for them to become clients. When I first started, I would go into Jason's old Zillow base and start calling older customers. 3 of my first year solds were from those customer, and several since then. We just listed a house not to long ago that I had been following up with for 4 years! The key is listening to the customer's and following up with you say you will follow up. During that first year I got a lot of "I want to wait to see what covid does" I would try back in a few weeks/month and eventually it was time to meet and list or show houses. I believe this is why I have been successful. 


I love working with first time home buyers to because I love explaining the process of how everything works, all the steps that need to be done etc. As far as the market here in the DFW area, it is still doing well. Not as many multiple offer situations that we saw end last year with the interest rate increase, but people are still wanting to buy homes. It is more of a buyers market which I love because I can tell my buyer they can have at least the evening to think about it and don't need to write an offer up with a deadline of 10pm! Buyers have more opportunity to negotiate and my favorite, get seller concessions! I love telling a buyer I was able to get concessions for them 🙂


Outside of real estate, attending my kids sporting events, and I love football, reading, Harry Potter and my Jeep Gladiator 🙂